Horizon Forbidden West

Here’s A Bunch Of New Horizon Forbidden West Details

Off the back of last week’s Horizon Forbidden West State of Play, a bunch of interviews have been released revealing a bunch of new information about the game.

According to an interview with Game Informer, the team has mentioned that a lot of the game was developed on PS4 with the game still being play tested on PS4. The PS5 version of the game has a different water rendering technique as well as more detail. The hero lighting that was shown off in the State of Play will only be available in cutscenes on PS4 (and presumably will always follow Aloy in-game on the PS5).

The best news comes in the way of another YouTube video that confirms that the game will have a 60FPS mode on the PS5. The original game still runs at 30FPS on PS5 and is a game that lots of people are still waiting to be updated.

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From a gameplay point of view, there’s a new free-climbing system, a completely overhauled skill tree, new melee system (that was very evident on the State of Play, more biomes than in the last game, and a workbench for performing upgrades.

In regards to the free climbing system, it sounds as though Aloy can climb on anything that she sees, similar to games such as Breath of the Wild or the newer Assassin’s Creed games, although we’ll probably need to see more gameplay before we can definitely make that call.

In an interview with IGN, Creative Director, Mathias De Jong spoke about the size of the map in the new game: ““The map is a little bit bigger, but in general, we’ve really looked at increasing the density, and adding more content, making sure there’s a lot more to do for the player across the map, and then making that content also engaging by telling little micro-stories,” de Jonge said.

Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to release later this year

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