Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut Fixes The PS5’s Annoying PS4 Save Problem

It’s been no secret at this point that getting PS4 saves into PS5 versions of games hasn’t been anywhere near as seamless as the Xbox Series X method, relying on gamers to download the PS4 version of a game, and upload their save before downloading it and loading it into the PS5 version. This literally meant the PS4 version of a game to be patched with your PS5 not being able to recognise that save until it was converted.

As pointed out by Digital Foundry, it seems as though Sony has figured out a more seamless method with the new SDK for allowing the PS5 to access PS4 save data now appearing to have rolled out. They go on to point out that the PS5 was able to see their Ghost of Tsushima PS4 saves on the console without needing to convert and upload them from the PS4 version.

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Digital Foundry points out that they’d expect future games to start using this method of PS5 games automatically being able to recognise PS4 saves. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is another game that was referenced of doing this recently.

Existing trophies from the PS4 version also came across instantly and all popped without any trouble, which will bring joy to many people.