Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2’s Actual Story Length Has Been Revealed

Late last week we posted a story about how Dying Light 2 takes 500 hours to complete, based on a tweet that Techland put out.

Naturally, this 500 hour amount very quickly raised some alarm bells for players (especially with this period being quite stacked with games) and Techland have been very quick to backtrack on this, emailing us earlier today as well as posting on social media to reveal actual play times for the game.

It turns out that the main story can be completed in about 20 hours. Completing al of a side questions and engaging with all characters can take more than 80 hours, whilst seeing absolutely everything in the game can take about 500 hours.

  • A focused playthrough of Dying Light 2’s main story can be completed in about 20 hours; more for some, less for others.
  • Completing all the side quests, learning about the world’s history, and engaging with all characters can easily take 80 hours or more, depending on playstyle. Dying Light 2 takes place in a complex world filled with content and built both broadly and vertically.
    • Just for comparison, finishing the main story and side quests in the original Dying Light clocked in around 30 hours, but many players went on to invest hundreds of hours in the game.
  • According to our internal QA testing, it takes about 500 hours to see everything the game offers—find every collectible, listen to every dialogue, fetch every Easter egg, finish every possible ending, and visit every corner of the  world. We are fortunate to have a very passionate community of fans who have been returning to the original Dying Light throughout the last seven years and we know they can’t wait to truly lose themselves in our latest work.

Dying Light 2 releases on February 4, 2022, for all consoles including a cloud version for Nintendo Switch. The cheapest copy is currently $74.90 on Amazon. 

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