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The New PlayStation Plus Game Trials Will Apparently Be Two Hours Long And Will Be Required For Most Games

Lots of game trials set to happen

We’re getting a lot more information about the new PlayStation Plus at the moment. With yesterday’s reveal that the service will release on June 22nd as well as pricing for all three tiers, we’re now getting some more information on what the game trials for the Deluxe tier will look like and it turns out that it seems like it’ll be a lot more meaty than anyone was expecting.

A report by suggests that any game that costs $34 USD (wholesale) or higher will require the publisher to also release a trial that is at least two hours in length. This means that most AAA game will be required to have a two hour game trial available to PlayStation Plus Deluxe members within three months of the game releasing and must be made available for the 12 months following its release.

This is definitely going to be a big undertaking for developers and no doubt changes things if gamers can trial almost any AAA game on the PlayStation Store. Publishers won’t be retroactively made to publish game trials for games already released, although we’d expect a few publishers to jump on board for older games.

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It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how this shakes out. I can’t imagine many AAA publishers will be too happy about releasing two hours of their game, but also devoting resources to creating the trial.

Just as a reminder, you can find the pricing for PlayStation Plus Deluxe below. It also includes 700+ games including PS5/PS4 games as well as PS1/PS2/PSP classics.

  • PS+ Deluxe 1 Month – $21.95 AUD
  • PS+ Deluxe 3 Months – $63.95 AUD
  • PS+ Deluxe 12 Months – $154.95 AUD