Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Remake Has Been Announced Alongside Its Release Date And PlayStation VR2 Content

One of the best games of all times gets a glow up

PlayStation opened up its June State of Play with a big one. Resident Evil 4 Remake has been announced for PS5 with PlayStation VR2 content as well. The game is also coming to Xbox Series X and PC.

The game will be releasing on March 24th, 2023. It’s unclear at the time of writing what platforms its coming to, but it seems as though as far as PlayStation is concerned, it’s only coming to PS5.

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Capcom says that it is being developed to achieve state of the art quality for a survival horror game whilst still maintaining the original essence of the game. They’re adjusting the storyline of the game, modernising the graphics and updating controls to a modern standard.