Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Final Trailer Is Pure Hype

GOTY materia.

Square Enix and PlayStation premiered the highly-anticipated PlayStation State of Play dedicated entirely to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth today, giving eager fans a deep dive into what to expect from the game (hint: a lot) and also debuting a fresh new “Final Trailer” for the game which is just about four minutes of pure hype.

You can watch it below:

Along with the trailer, an expanded look at the game’s world, gameplay systems, mini-games and more was shown off which you can see in the full State of Play presentation here. To cap off proceedings, a free playable demo was announced that gives fans access to part of the opening section of the game, and will even be updated closer to launch with another section set in the open world.

Playing the demo will also grant players some bonus DLC in the full game, so grab it here.

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In addition to all of that, we recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with the full first four hours of the game, and came away incredibly impressed, saying, “After pretty much having the DualSense controller pried out of my hands at the end of our session, I’m filled with nothing but excitement for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and unwavering confidence in this team to deliver something that’s true to the 27-year-old source material, but also fiercely modern, filled to the brim with new experiences and with an identity all its own.”

You can also watch a video version of the preview over on our YouTube channel or just below:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch on PlayStation 5 on February 29th. You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $99 with free shipping and pre-order price guarantee.