Infinity Nikki Looks Stunning In This New Gameplay Trailer And A PS5 Beta Is On The Way

Princess Peach who?

This morning saw the arrival of a big new PlayStation State of Play presentation, and with it a heap of new trailers and updates on games for PS5 and PS VR2, including some exciting stuff coming later this year.

One somewhat unexpected but (depending on who you ask) very welcome update was a brand-new trailer Infinity Nikki, a gorgeous open-world adventure based on the long-running Nikki franchise with a focus on dressing up.

The game, which was first announced a while back, will essentially be an open-world platformer/adventure game where players can make use of a number of different outfits to overcome different obstacles with a very whimsical and low-stakes vibe – not too dissimilar from the recent Princess Peach: Showtime. It hails from the Nikki/NikkiUp2U series which has mostly been in the form of mobile games but is naturally now making the leap to consoles (and PC) as well. Even more interesting is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s game designer, Kentaro Tominaga, is reportedly attached to the project.

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There’s a dedicated post on the PlayStation Blog where you can read more about Infinity Nikki’s world, characters, and a few of the outfits and their abilities that will be available. A beta test is also on the way for PS5 players at some point in Q3 2024.

You can check out the gorgeous new gameplay trailer for Infinity Nikki below:

The open-world dress-up adventure game “Infinity Nikki” is about to start its PlayStation®5 beta test. Venture into the vast Miraland to unravel the mysteries of “styling”. Alongside Nikki, awaken the magical powers hidden within various outfits and embark on a journey filled with fun. See you in Miraland!