Panmi’s New Group Buying Hub Provides Cheaper Tech By Cutting Out The Retailer

Panmi (the local distributor for brands such as Xiomi, Unagi and Segway Ninebot) has launched a new group buying hub that basically allows you to save money by cutting out the retailer. You can find the hub HERE.

Basically, Panmi put items live for people to mark as an item of interest and if it meets the necessary number of buyers, you’ll be able to purchase the product at that cheaper price. You’ll still get your 12 months local warranty and your money back guarantee.


There’s two items currently live on the site. One is a Segway Ninebot E8 scooter which is brought down to $249 (from $499) when five people registered interest. There’s also a Xiaomi 4K Projector for $3,999 (save $2000).

Items will be added over time and it seems as though you can also register items of interest.

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