NVIDIA GeForce Now Is Getting An Ultimate Tier With RTX 4080 Performance


NVIDIA announced during its CES 2023 keynote today that it’s adding a new “Ultimate” tier to its GeForce Now game streaming service.

The Ultimate tier will replace the current RTX 3080 subscription at the same price of $20 USD (a tier which isn’t available in Australia through official channels currently), and will offer cloud gaming at up to 240fps with NVIDIA Reflex as well as full ray tracing and DLSS 3.0 technologies.

Ultimate members will also now have access to ultrawide resolutions, 4K gaming at up to 120fps and longer, persistent streaming sessions.

NVIDIA says that the new 4080-powered streaming servers will be available later this month in North America and Europe with wider rollouts happening in the months to follow. We’ll be sure to update if/when the new, upgraded tier becomes available locally.

Currently, GeForce Now is offered in Australia through Pentanet’s cloud.gg portal in Basic, Casual and Priority tiers with the latter being the only tier offering RTX performance at a cost of $21.99 per month.

Watch the full CES 2023 NVIDIA Address below: