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The Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Pro Elden Ring Edition Has Been Revealed And Here’s The Aussie Release Date And Price

Not one to tarnish.

One of the earliest signs of a rough release window for Elden Ring’s hugely-anticipated DLC expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, was the leak of a controller meant to tie in with the launch.

With the expansion now released and players everywhere getting lost in the Realm of Shadow, that very controller – a gorgeous, Shadow of the Erdtree-themed Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Pro Controller – has finally been revealed.

Thrustmaster has officially unveiled the ESWAP X2 Pro Controller “Elden Ring Edition,” with a design inspired by the game and its huge new DLC. The controller sports all of the same features of the ESWAP X2 Pro with its modular design that allows players to swap modules in and out without the use of tools to easily change layouts and features.

The Elden Ring Edition of the controller looks quite schmick with deep red and gold accents, plenty of symbology and embellishments inspired by the game, and of course the stunning Shadow of the Erdtree key art front-and-centre.

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Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, the Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Pro Controller Elden Ring Edition will launch on the 16th August and will be available for preorder at Aussie retailers “shortly” at an identical RRP to its standard version of AUD $349.95.

Our review of the standard Thrustmaster ESWAP X2 Pro Controller praised its innovation and ease of customisation, with Harry’s review of the Shadow of the Erdtree scoring the expansion a huge 10/10 and saying, “Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is yet another masterpiece by FROMSOFTWARE. It doubles down on all of the best parts of Elden Ring and bolsters them through an inviting new world, an engaging story, and a ridiculously moreish gameplay loop. It won’t change your mind on Elden Ring if it never clicked for you, but will undoubtedly wow you if it did,” so it seems these two are a match made in The Lands Between.