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Where To Pre-Order The ROG Ally X In Australia

No Steam Deck? No problem!

After an initial tease, ASUS ROG finally lifted the lid on the ROG Ally X last month, revealing an updated version of its incredibly-popular PC gaming handheld that launched last year.

The ROG Ally X, which improves on the previous iteration by getting to the heart of a lot of customer feedback, is set to launch soon on July 22nd, and pre-orders have already opened up at select stores in Australia and NZ. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s New In The ROG Ally X?

The key word when designing the new ROG Ally X seems to have been more, with this upgraded handheld featuring a bigger 1TB SSD (up from 512GB on the Ally) that’s also more upgradeable thanks to a new motherboard design, an increased 24GB of RAM which should help the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme with VRAM allocation in a lot of modern games, as well as a beefed-up 80Wh battery – an increase of double over the original Ally.

That last feature is going to be the thing that tips many over the edge on buying in or upgrading to the ROG Ally X, effectively removing the biggest barrier on the original version, which could drain in less than an hour at full power. It’s hard to say without actual testing, but the battery on the Ally X will more than likely run somewhere in the 2-4 hour range depending on what you’re playing and how.

It’s doing all this with just a 70-gram increase in weight too, thanks to smaller but more efficient fans. Thermals overall have reportedly been improved, with ASUS ROG claiming 24% more air volume moved through the device and a significantly cooler touch display under heavy use.

How Much Is The ROG Ally X In Australia and NZ?

The ROG Ally X will retail for $1599 AUD (or $1799 NZD) when it launches on July 22nd, which is about a $300 AUD increase over the existing model. That’s not too bad when you consider the upgrades, and part of the popularity of the original Ally was a half-decent price point so it’s almost like the Ally X is simply gaining back the cost-saving measures originally taken.

That said, the current ROG Ally can be routinely had for under $1100 (including right now on Amazon), which widens the margin to about $500 and might be a touch too steep for some to pick the X over the OG – at least until the new model gets discounted.

Where Can I Get The ROG Ally X In Australia and NZ?

The ROG Ally X is available for pre-order right now, exclusively at JB Hi-Fi or the ASUS e-store. You can find links to both below:

“We’re excited to launch the new ROG Ally X in Australia and New Zealand after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from users on the ROG Ally last year,” the company wrote in a press release. “We have continued to listen to our customers’ feedback, resulting in the new ROG Ally X, which offers great improvements to battery, thermal cooling and storage. We are delighted that this best-in-class handheld console will now be available for individuals looking for a powerful yet portable on-the-go gaming experience.”