GoldenEye 007 Was Being Remade For The Xbox 360

It is being reported that a remake of the classic GoldenEye 007 was being produced for Xbox Live Arcade. The video showcases iconic missions such the Dam, Facility, Surface, Cradle and Aztec. Through the video, you can see the player switching between the game’s original graphics and remake textures on the fly. The game is also running at a solid 60 FPS.

Not only was the game said to include single player, it was also set to include an enhanced version of the stunning multiplayer including three new levels: Dam, Frigate and Depot. You would have also been able to change the characters heights meaning that Oddjob and Jaws would no longer have height advantages.

  1. fuck nintendo and their pathetic greed has ruined the gaming industry, n64 was their peak console and it died with it, wii was just a gimmick

  2. The original Goldeneye game was released on the n64.
    It was developed by rare, published by Nintendo.
    Rare went to Xbox and carry over some of their main ips.
    James bond is now held by Activision and they do not have the rights to re-release the same game hence why they made a totally new game a few years back.
    Too many hands are on the game and because of this it is very unlikely that the game would ever get a hd remake unless rare and Nintendo allow it.
    It’s a shame and probably when this game was in development for a re-release Activision didn’t have the bond rights.

    1. they should make a deal together for the sake of the gaming console, ff7 remake is happening so it’s definitely possible

      1. But ff7 is still owned by square enix, it was not published by PlayStation hence why the remake is coming out on other consoles after a timed exclusive. Goldeneye and James bond has been held by too many parties and unless they all got a good slice of the cake then there won’t be a hr remake

    1. Yup. Exactly. This author apparently didn’t feel that information was relevant to the subject matter (or important) lol. Just read same subject article on IGN and their opening paragraph states “canceled due to copyright issues with Nintendo”

  3. This would have been AWESOME. I would have paid full price for a GoldenEye007 N64 HD remake, and still would.

    One thing your article oddly fails to reference at all, why did this never happen?

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