Watch 12 Minutes of Explosive Battlefield 1 Single Player Footage

Earlier in the week, EA launched the first trailer for Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign, now YouTuber Westie has treated us to just a little over twelve minutes of the Storm to Steel mission, part of a demo shown behind closed doors at Twitch Con 2016.

The video opens with a charming cover of Ozzie Nelson’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (1931) by Boardwalk Empire’s Margot Bingham and focuses on an unnamed soldier who awakes from a dream to find himself amidst the chaos of World War I.

In Westie’s video, the chilling phrase “You are not expected to survive” appears before the gameplay begins, a startling reminder of how vulnerable one is on the front-line and of how many soldiers perished in the events of World War I. The video showcases an incredible looking single-player campaign and the ceaseless explosions and cacophony of sights and sounds demonstrate, at least to some extent, the pandemonium of “The War to End All Wars” and should make for a unique shooter and memorable gaming experience.