Microsoft Is Already Trying To Delete Scalebound From Existence


Earlier today, it was confirmed that Platinum Games and Microsoft Studio’s Scalebound was cancelled. This was somewhat surprising as it’s important to remember that we saw the game just 6 months ago at E3 2016. It’s not a game that we saw 2-3 years ago only to disappear from the face of the earth.

Well, Microsoft are acting quick to ensure that you forget the game was ever existence. As of right now, they’ve gone back and deleting all of the videos on their YouTube channel.

The game was announced at E3 2014, so that’s a lot of trailers that needed deleting.

Obviously, Sony’s Kaz Hirai (The best mock Twitter account on the internet) has also weighed in on the drama this morning.

Luckily, there’s still grabs of the trailers on YouTube. You can watch the tantalising E3 2016 trailer below.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft used their Scalebound cancellation notice to promote their upcoming lineup of games.

““After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for “Scalebound.” We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including “Halo Wars 2,” “Crackdown 3,” “State of Decay 2,” “Sea of Thieves” and other great experiences.”

  1. Why don’t microsoft quit the gaming market once and for all? I mean, they don’t need a gaming division. Increasing the price of word , excel, access, windows, by 1$ alone will bring them more money than whatever they may do with the xbox brand.

    They ditched the 1st xbox, totally ignoring gamers, the x360 generation, despite all the generated hate and the press support, + dev policies to polish the x360 version, and besides a few titles, all they made was securing call of duty exclusive shiit, halo, gears, forzas, call of duty…from 2010 to the x1 release, tjere were barely no new titles…

    With the x1, they went with 32mb of esram only, and that compromised the 1080p releases… still today, even with huge patches and better knowledge, mass effect andromeda will be only 900p, vs 1080p on ps4..

    There are barely no x1 exclusives, with the major ones, like titanfall, sunset overdrive, etc etc, flopping hard. Quantum break was broken. Even with all the press bias and support, and hate towards anything made vy sony, the x1 is lagging well behind the ps4.

    And those thinking the scorpio will save the planet from the 3rd world war, well, by dec 2017, 6tflops will be a true joke, compared to the upcominh hardware, with stacked components, faster memory, etc. Games might look slightly better than on ps4 pro, but that’s all. Forget the 0 compression, ultra hd textures packs, 0 aliasing, billions of polygons, maps 100 times bigger than gta5, thousands of npc’s, ultra complex AI, pixar-like models, effects, shaders, all running at 4k and 60fps. No, it will look 10-20% better than anything on ps4 pro, and that’s all.

    Seriously, they should leave. They don’t bring anything to the gaming industry or gamers. Unlike sony, who have the Playstation brand on their hearts, for microsoft, the xbox1 is just another product. No soul. Nothing.

    They got a free pass from the patriotic press, with issues like the rrod, press that has done all they could to destroy sony (still today, 99.99% of the US gaming press will still claim the x1 is the best console ever, best games, best exclusives, best everything, with amazing features as kinekt2, vcr, tv, etc, they will say they see no difference between an x1 720p game and a ps4 1080p version, and they will ask and tell the whole planet and american kids/dads they should rather grab an x1 than the ‘boring’ ps4 (u all remember the ‘boring ps4’ article from erikein from forbes) !

    seriously, microsoft, if you don’t respect your gamers or the whole industry, really, seriously, stop the videogames business…

    which would ve a bad thing, without competition, with sony on top, we can ve sure we would get screwed really bad. When sony was n. 2, last gen, we used to get tons of great aaa titles for free, via psn+. This gen, with sony n’1, we only get shitty indie games… you see what the lack of competition does ?

    so please, microsoft, start investing time and money again.

    with the billions microsoft has, they could take 100 millions, hire 3’000 guys, create 20 studios, make them work with the same tools, and start releasing 3-4 amazing games each month. But no, they prefer stopping these projects like scalebound…

    do they really care at all ?

  2. No Phantom Dust, no Fable Legends, shitty Master Chief Collection, no word on Crackdown other than development being rocky and insiders saying it’s basically a tech demo for Azure, and now no Scalebound.

    Tell me again why I bought an Xbox?

  3. so….bye bye keep your jrpg type games on the delay station.i didnt buy a xbox for this type of game.i wouldnt have bought it any way like most others.

  4. I think all the consoles look weak and Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are struggling to keep their customer base locked into their platform due to the stupidity of their short sighted management.

    The PC has had a good run in 2016 and I think it has got even more content flowing to it during 2017. For consumers, there is a lot more choice in titles, cheaper prices, and better experience with higher resolutions and frame-rates, better mods, maps and server support. Plus consumers know the games they buy are going to be compatible for many decades…

    Add to this, the quantum leap we have just seen in emulation with Dolphin handling Gamecube and Wii titles on PC near perfectly, there’s a very solid PS2 emulator with PCSX2. Even Sega Saturn has finally been cracked and Cemu is doing the near impossible by bringing Wii-U games onto PC in record time! How can Sony win if the PC is a more reliable platform for playing PlayStation games (PS1, PS2, PSP, and soon PS3) than Playstation 4 is! It’s stupid!

    1. Sony is struggling to keep their customer base? Based on what? Killing last gen sales. That says they are building their base.

      1. You don’t get it. When PS2 built their customer base it was on the back of 100’s of exclusive Japanese RPG’s, a big selection of music titles like Amplitude, Frequency etc… and 100’s of unique action titles like downhill domination.

        When the next gen came out people looked to just upgrade to the PS3 but when people could not play those games on PS3, suddenly chosing an XBox 360 became a fair alternative. For Sony users, any existing investment in “Playstation” games no longer weighed in the decision. Guess what happened? XBox 360 picked up a big chunk of those Sony gamers… Microsoft grew share because of Sony being so short sighted.

        With PS4 customers have been backed into a tiny corner. The number of exclusives have thinned out this gen with most big titles available on both consoles, so it’s now just a fight over performance. Which game plays at the highest resolution at the highest Frames Per Second.

        Both Sony & Microsoft will now square off in the performance stakes with each offering their best souped-up-model. The weakest will start to bleed cash horribly… But this strategy also places them both in an unwinnable war against PC’s as well as juggernaut Steam, GOG and hoard of discount houses like G2A which will undercut the consoles on price every time! Bye bye…

        1. I don’t get it because it doesn’t make sense. Sony did indeed lose some customer base during the PS3 generation, no doubt about that. But that generation is over. They have turned things around with the PS4. The last 3 years they have been building their base.

          1. “The last 3 years they have been building their base”… explain why Sony is continuing to report declining revenue and profit from PlayStation operations since 2008…

            Then explain why enterprise value & total market capitalization of Sony has halved since 2000. This is a very solid trend that Sony has not broken for one and a half decades!

            Just to put this into perspective, it is not just Sony that is struggling. Total unit sales of video consoles (all brands, all models) have had a year on year decline from 2008 (84 million unit sales) to 2015 (just 28.8 million units sold). Forecast close to 2016 financial year will be less again at 26.7 million units… The console business model is imploding for all vendors, but booming for PC platform vendors (Steam, GOG, G2A are all up each and every year for the past four years in a row) and mobile vendors Google Play and Apple’s App Store (which is now at $20 billion in annual software sales!)

            Steams revenue last year was $3.5 billion in pure software sales and it has 127 million active accounts. Compare this with Sony PS4 user base of 37 million console accounts in service. Sony software revenue is much smaller than Steam., in fact even if we combined all Sony software and PlayStation hardware it is still $300 million less than Steams revenue in 2016…

          2. If you want to make some other arguments go ahead.

            We were talking about customer base.

            PS4 is selling significantly faster than PS3. Do you deny that? No, you can’t because it is a fact. So please tell me how they are losing customers if they are outperforming last gen. That means they are gaining customers.

          3. No that’s not true. Sony PS3 sold more units than PS4 has achieved to-date. So as it stands today, the customer base for PS4 is not presently larger than that of PS3. I think you are looking at forward projections over the next 3 years. Who knows… But yes, PS4 has a faster growth curve than PS3 over the first 3 Years following launch but that improvement is marginal. It has a delta of just 7.4%.

            When compared with two earlier iterations, PS4 adoption rate is flat out terrible. Sony’s current customer base is now smaller than the PS2 by a factor of three and it has an adoption rate some 46% less over the first 3 years of sales after launch. In fact PS4 has less than half of the customer base enjoyed by the original PS1…

            Did you want to compare the number of exclusive titles each generation has attracted? In short PS4 is currently last with the least.

            But there is one tiny ray of sunshine. PS4 does look better if we simply ignore the trends and all the inconvenient facts and just compare it with the abysmal results being felt by Nintendo with the Wii-U and Microsoft’s catastrophic X-Box One. Hey, let’s forget the rapidly declining share of wallet in home entertainment spending and just pretend it’s all OK shall we?

          4. Well I’m glad you admitted that I was right. Sony is doing better this gen than last gen. That was all I side. They are no longer losing customers.

            We all know they lost their ass from PS2 to PS3. That was then, this is now.

  5. This is bad news to be honest. Microsoft needs to put up more of a fight to compete with Sony and their PS4 so Sony can be driven by competition to improve rather than sitting on their bum with slow updates and delayed games. Hopefully Scorpio will be a huge success but without the software things are looking quite dim right now for the xbox.

  6. Scalebound is the classic example of westernizing a Japanese made game that almost killed the Japanese gaming industry last gen.
    Scalebound is a ripoff of Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter combined- I bet that idea came from M$ themselves.
    NieR Automata is the Japanese developers being Japanese: totally original, being true to themselves and their culture that us westerners love from the very start of modern video games.
    NieR doesn’t just look better on the outside but it really is the better game inside.?

    When NieR Automata breaks sales records upon it’s release that’s the time we will know that Japan is really back nd have risen from the ashes. Can’t wait!
    The success of NieR Automata will put an end to the crappy westernization of Japanese game development. and encourage the Japanese to stay true to their own roots that made them great. Many huge Japanese game franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, MetalGear Solid, Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Tekken, were really made for Japanese gamers first and that is the reason the western gamers love them. Its the unique and different Japanese culture that western gamers love and patronize.

  7. LOL. Microsoft has gone from shameful to downright dastardly. Their lineup didn’t hold a candle to Sony’s in 2017 as it stood, now it appears their cupboard is really bare. I was actually looking forward to Crackdown, at one point. Now, I have no belief Microsoft will deliver on any of their promises. They’ve told far too many lies from the start of this gen right on through.

  8. Sea of Thieves is the only one in that lineup that looks even halfway decent. Crackdown 3 will be as big of a joke as the first 2 horrible games in its series.

    1. Hopefully both end up being great, as the Xbox One lineup for 2017 is looking quite slim at the moment.

      1. I suspect M$ from here on is going to market Xbox Scorpio with huge future promises like no tomorrow to distract people from the lack of software this year.

  9. That is a hilariously bad compensatory line up to what was looking to be something truly special in the works.

    You dropped the ball again M$.

    1. whats sony got that wasnt delayed to the ps5?…lmao anything sdince uncharted 4?…nope i cant even remember what was before uncharted 4…lmao.

      i feel more sorry for sony fans then xbox fans.

      1. Street fighter 5,Ratchet and Clank, Alienation, Shadow of the Beast, MKB the Show, Last Guardian. All PS4 games NOT named Uncharted last year. Nice try

        1. there is that retarded pony list same list every time…lmao.those games suck and uncharted 4 was your only exclusive with in 2 years…lmao

          everything else is delayed

        2. a lot of crappy games and a sub 30fps 10 year delayed Last Guardian if those are your idea of great games just play on a wii u or

          1. Ha. Whatever it ends up being it’ll have a better frame rate than Scale bound. Too bad cause Scalebound looked awesome

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