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Xbox Boss: Wait For Games Before Preordering Project Scorpio

Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer is widely loved in the industry for being brutally honest with gamers about the various happenings within the Xbox division. The latest sentiment on Twitter echoes what many game developers have been urging gamers to do for years. He thinks that you should wait to see some games before pre-ordering the Project Scorpio.

Pre-order culture in Australia is particular bad as retailers such as EB Games put consoles and games up for pre-order before they even have a price, release date or any relevant information. This was prevalent with the Nintendo Switch, in which many people pre-ordered before Nintendo had revealed anything about it.

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The Project Scorpio is due for release later this year. Phil Spencer recently tweeted that he was playing games on it for the first time. He’s also stated that it may not be revealed at E3 2016.

It’s interesting for Microsoft in 2017 as really don’t know anything about their holiday lineup. Beyond Halo Wars 2 and a possible Crackdown 3 release, it’s obvious that they’re saving their big announcements for when they unveil Project Scorpio. It’s quite possible that a new Forza could be the flagship title.