Phil Spencer Hints That More Japanese Developed Xbox One/Scorpio Games Are On The Way

It’s no secret that PlayStation is absolutely annihilating Xbox when it comes to Japanese developed exclusives. The first few months of this year has already produced Nioh, Nier Automata, Gravity Rush 2 and Persona 5, Resident Evil 7 (VR) and also The Last Guardian  for PlayStation 4.

All of these games have reviewed incredibly well and kept PlayStation gamers busy.

On the contrast, Microsoft has had little to no Japanese support. In fact, they cancelled the largest Japanese developed game in Platinum Games’ Scalebound.

Well, hopefully that’s about to change. Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer has just returned from a trip to Japan. He’s gone one step further to reassure a fan that he’s previewed a lot of Japanese developed titles and seen a lot of interest in Xbox One and Project Scorpio from Japanese developers.