First Party Games Are Critical For Project Scorpio Success, Xbox Boss Admits

Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer has assured fans on Twitter that Microsoft will be completely on the ball with Project Scorpio’s launch lineup.

Spencer has been answering a lot of questions on Twitter as of late, appeasing many gamers concerns about a lack of first-party games on the Xbox brand.

When asked specifically about the Project Scorpio having first-party games at launch, Spencer has the below to say.

Spencer said that he would be careful about when he announces things. Xbox has been known to announce games quite early on Xbox One, more recently cancelling games such as Scalebound and games such as Crackdown sitting in the shadows for many months.

All will be revealed at E3’s June conference in which its almost certain that we’ll see more about Project Scorpio. Microsoft has remained adamant that the console will launch in 2017.