Xbox Is Asking Gamers What They Like/Don’t Like About The Nintendo Switch

Yes, you read that right. The latest Xbox Live Rewards survey is asking gamers what they think about the Nintendo Switch.

It’s pretty likely that Microsoft are way too late to change any major Project Scorpio features, with them due to announce it in just a few weeks, but it’s clear the Microsoft have taken note on the early successes of Nintendo’s latest console.

The survey can be found on Microsoft’s recent Rewards program. It recently launched for Australia and you can find it HERE.

The questions (courtesy of NeoGAF) are below:

This month’s Xbox Live Rewards survey includes a few questions about the Nintendo Switch:

– Which features you find most appealing
– Which features you find least appealing
– How likely you are to buy a Nintendo Switch within the next 12 months

For the two “features” questions up to two can be chosen from the following:

“Most appealing”:
-Game catalogue
-Joy-Con Controller
-Local multiplayer game play
-MicroSD card slot

“Least appealing”:
-Game catalogue
-Lack of backward compatibility
-Joy-Con Controller
-Portable Battery Life (3-6 hours)
-Internal memory (32GB)
-Lack of console inventory
-Technical glitches
-Lack of VR support
-My friends don’t own one yet