Halo 5 Is Getting The 4K Treatment When Xbox One X Launches

E3 went by with very little mention of the Halo franchise. There was a look at a Halo Wars 2 expansion, but beyond that, nada.

It was certainly strange, considering the team that now helms the series, 343 Industries, had said there would be a little something for Halo fans at the biggest expo in gaming. Of course, that could have been the Halo Wars news.

Or, it could have been the fact that Halo 5: Guardians is getting a 4K spruce up to coincide with the launch of the Xbox One X.

“The team here at 343 always had a desire to bring players the best Halo 5 experience for Xbox One X, but we weren’t quite ready to make the announcement during the E3 time frame,” the studio said on Halo Waypoint.

“We are excited to officially confirm that Halo 5 will receive a game update to support true 4K with the release of Xbox One X later this year.”

343 said they’d go into further detail of Halo 5’s spit-shine, and how it’s being improved upon, in due time.