Soon You’ll Be Able To Capture In 1080p On Xbox One DVR

In a rather nice quality of life upgrade, Microsoft has gone ahead and improved the resolution at which you’re able to capture footage using their Game DVR app. Soon enough you’ll be able to record in 1080p, rather than the current 720p.

For now, only alpha testers in the Xbox Insiders have their hands on this feature, but it’s assumed it will roll out nearer the end of the year for everybody else.

To go hand in hand with this, Microsoft has also included the possibility to save any captured footage straight to an external drive, which would allow for quick and easy transfer over to your PC. This would help avoid complicated fiddling with things like OneDrive, so that’s great for people who want to upload their play sessions as soon as possible.

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Both Xbox One and Xbox One S will see these improvements, whereas Xbox One X will come with its own 4K, 60fps and HDR game capture options.

(Thanks, Eurogamer.)