The Massive Xbox Duke Controller Is Back And Nobody Really Knows Why


Some months ago, I wrote about the fact that the original Xbox creator was trying to bring back the behemoth Xbox Duke controller for the Xbox One. 

Well, it’s finally happening. Seamus Blackley, the OG creator of the Xbox brand has finally got approval to bring the OG, massive Duke Xbox controller for the Xbox One.

Microsoft famously ditched the original controller soon after the original Xbox release due to the fact that most people hated it. It was big and not at all comfortable to hold for most people. They introduced the Xbox S controller which was much nicer, slimmer and quite similar to what we know the Xbox controller to be today.

The circular logo has been replaced with an LCD screen, but it’s not clear what this will show (functionality wise). Hyperkin (a peripheral manufacturer) will be the ones distributing the new controller but it has now yet been confirmed how much it will cost or when it will release.

I guess it’s good to know that Xbox has approved the design to make a return. Hopefully this means that we’ll see some refinements. It’s definite that some original Xbox fans dug the controller. It has a group of loyalist that swears it’s still the best controller to exist.

  1. I remember trying out this controller at demo booths in shops back in 2002, and thinking how cumbersome they were. Did anyone actually like them?

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