Forza Street

Forza Street Is Finally Coming To iOS and Android This May

After an incredible pre-registration for Android users, the team behind Forza Street have announced during Inside Xbox that iOS users are just a few weeks away from hitting the blacktop.

With the game set to arrive on mobile devices at last on May 5, Turn 10 has promised to reward any first-month adoptors with a free Founder’s Pack as a welcoming gift. The pack includes the rare 2017 Ford GT, in-game credits and gold, all waiting to be added to your garage. Given that success in these free-to-play games comes down to who earliest fits out their garage, a rare supercar is just the ticket to get players on board.

The game is designed for both car lovers and those who consume their games in small bites and can be played anytime and anywhere.

Here’s the original launch trailer to tide you over.

Users of Google Play or Samsung Galaxy can pre-register on both storefronts now, while Windows 10 users can kick off their collection already to get a head start before the mobile launch in a couple of weeks.


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