Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Is Getting Another Big Update

Today’s Inside Xbox gave us a look at what’s over the horizon for Rare’s charming, buccaneering open-ocean adventure, Sea of Thieves. Through a free update titled Ships of Fortune, Rare is expanding on the in-game trading companies to allow players the chance to buy-in as Emissaries, a sacred and special role that boasts extra rewards and cosmetic booty for those at the top of their game.

Though flying the flag of an Emissary is a prestigious boon that demands respect, it’ll also paint a target on your vessel as rival pirates will no doubt know that wherever you sail, an untold treasure is bound to be close by. Whichever company you side with, you’ll be able to dress up both your pirate and ship, compete against other newly-minted Emissaries in the Ledger. With five grades to work through and titles to earn, the role of Emissary is a welcome one for Sea of Thieves enthusiasts.

Teased over the course of past updates, The Reaper’s Bones roll out onto the high seas as the game’s newest trading company. Pleased enough to live out all of the piracy ideals, except honour among thieves, expect no mercy from these bloodthirsty miscreants if you fly a flag other than theirs.

The Arena experience has also been overhauled to guarantee a more high-octane experience, but Rare is also, most importantly, introducing cats. The game has catered to parrot and monkey lovers for long enough, introducing three feline breeds to claw at your upmarket pirate furnishings and defy maritime litter tray codes. So, with plenty of clobber to pick from for your cat, your ship and yourself, customisation is at the forefront of the Ships of Fortune experience.

Ships of Fortune will be free to everybody that bought the game for Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, and of course, it’ll be available to those who use Game Pass to play.