Xbox Series S

Xbox Revealed The Xbox Series S In July And Nobody Even Noticed

Here’s a fun one for your Saturday morning. It turns out that we’ve actually known what the Xbox Series S looks like since early July, except nobody noticed it.

Phil Spencer appeared on several video podcasts throughout July and had an Xbox Series S positioned on a bookshelf directly behind him. Because it’s so small, nobody even saw it at the time despite the fact that we knew that Microsoft were releasing another smaller console alongside the Xbox Series X, that was rumoured to be all white.

The first chance we had to see the console was at the GameLab20 podcast which took place on July 1st (well over two months ago now).

Phil Spencer then appeared on iJustine’s podcast on July 24th and same deal, the Xbox Series S was sitting there in plain sight and despite the video having over 75,000 views, nobody noticed the console.

It’s clearer than ever that the Xbox Series S is an extremely well designed console and definitely the smallest Xbox to date. You can see a bunch of comparisons of the Xbox Series S to other consoles HERE. 

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