Halo Burger

A Halo Inspired Pringles Flavour is On The Way

According to a post via the official Halo Twitter account, a Halo inspired Pringles flavour is on the way. We don’t know if it’ll make its way to Australia, but in the US at least, it’ll be exclusive to Walmart.

The Moa Burger flavoured Pringles are apparently coming directly from the Epsilon Eridani system, which makes sense since the Moa is an alien species native to the planet Reach. The large, flightless birds look something like an emu crossed with a cassowary and stand about three metres tall but most importantly, they are bloody delicious, at least according to the inner colonies. Moa Burgers have been served at World Cuisine kiosks all over New Alexandria on planet Reach for 7.77 cR but this, as far as we know, is the very first-time Moa Burger has ever been used as a potato chip flavour.

So, what the heck does Moa Burger taste like? Well, if you haven’t been to New Alexandria recently, we have reports of the Moa Burger Pringles featuring a blend of flavours like garlic, sweet ginger, and savoury beef, complemented by capsicum and chilli to top it off with a peppery hit. The flavour is apparently quite bold and pleasantly paired with the chip’s thick-cut and wavy texture, giving it an extra crunch.

Sadly, we don’t know if we’ll be getting the Moa Burger Pringles here in Australia in the future but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a special delivery from Reach or perhaps something similar to celebrate the upcoming launch of Halo Infinite, sometime later this year on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.