EB Games Halo Infinite Controller

EB Games Will Have The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, Elite Controller & Collector’s Edition Today

Early this morning Xbox announced the Halo Infinite release date (December 8th) alongside a Limited Edition Xbox Series X console and Halo Infinite Elite Controller. The announcement came at about 4:30am and it went up on the Microsoft Store and almost instantly sold out.

EB Games has announced that they’ll have the console, Elite controller & an EB exclusive Collector’s Edition. Pre-orders will go live for all three things at 10am AEST HERE. JB Hi-Fi has consoles live right now as well.

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X will set you back $849 although EB Games has a trade offer where you can get it for $399 when you trade in your Xbox Series X console or $649 when you trade in an Xbox One X.

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The Elite controller will be $250 or $164 when you trade in your existing Elite controller. JB also has the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for pre-order now too. You can find that HERE.

The Collector’s Edition includes a SteelBook, $15 Xbox gift card, Enamel pin and DLC. A price hasn’t yet been given for this.

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