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Hundreds Of Xbox 360 Digital Games Are Massively Discounted Ahead Of The Store Closing Next Month

Get them while you can!

With the end of the Xbox 360 digital store just over a month away, Microsoft has been working with publishers and developers to slash the prices on a heap of the games that will otherwise be lost to time after July 29th.

These are games that are currently available to buy and play via an Xbox 360 console (or to buy via the web store) but are not on the backwards compatible list and therefore won’t be available on the newer Xbox consoles and stores after the shutdown.

There’s some pretty good stuff in here, and the company just dropped over 100 more games into the sale this week with up to 95% off in some cases, so if you’re looking to grab anything to add to your account (you’ll still be able to re-download things after the shutdown) now is the time to do it.

Here’s what’s discounted right now:

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