Preview: BroForce

If you’re prepared for full on 2D combat using over-powered weapons, insane characters and a side serve of brutal explosions then ‘BroForce’ is definitely the perfect game for you! Don’t like that building? Blow it up. Did that guy look at you funny? Shoot him in the face! Don’t worry this is all done in the name of freedom, so it’s totally cool.

From the second I started the game up, I was thrown straight into combat. My only objective throughout the whole game was to kill the bad guys and rescue the hostages. Immediately, I assumed this was going to be a rather uneventful playthrough and that I’d get through it easily, but man was I wrong. I did not predict the sheer magnitude of epicness that this game was about to throw at me. Whilst navigating through countless explosions and blowing the heads off of my pixelated enemies, I found that I was completely immersed in this 2D war zone. Well for a few hours, at least before I unwillingly came back to Earth. This of course sucked, to say the least.

Why? Because in the real world I don’t have the ability to control some of the worlds most iconic actions movie heroes with my keyboard! I got the chance to play as Rambo, Walker Texas Ranger, Terminator, Blade and even Judge Dredd to name a few. I switched between these characters randomly at the beginning of each level, when I died and after rescuing a hostage. This actually made the experience much more enjoyable as I was forced to think on the go and make do with whoever I was given.

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Since each character has their own unique weapon and explosive secondary move I was able to wreak havoc on everything and everyone in my path. This gave me a few laughs as I ploughed through each level destroying everything that I laid my eyes on. It’s safe to say that what BroForce lacks in story it makes up for with brutal gameplay and an incredible line up of history’s most iconic badasses!

Broforce 2
And don’t fret, once you’ve blasted through the campaign you can keep the party going by playing a few of the extra game modes, all of which are as addictive as the campaign itself. ‘Race Mode’ allows players to go head to head and challenge each other, whilst ‘Explosion Run’ is a hectic and unpredictable fight against the level itself. There’s also the option to play online. The system itself is still being tested so server pickings are small but there’s still the option to open your own server and battle your friends!

All in all, BroForce blew all of my expectations out of the water! For a game that’s only in Beta it feels exactly like a finished game should. Since most Early Releases are usually skeletons with some basic functionality it was refreshing to play through a polished and well designed game knowing that there’s still more to come. I’d highly recommend checking out BroForce, it’s available on both Mac and PC via Steam Early Access and for only $15 it’s definitely a great addition to any action lovers arsenal.