Minecraft With RTX Hands-On Preview – Simply Stunning

I’ve never been hugely into Minecraft. I’ve always appreciated it and understand that a lot of people from all walks of live and breathe it, but it’s never resonated with me personally. That is until now. I was extremely excited to check out Minecaft’s RTX update after it was announced. The game instantly looked completely different and boy am I glad I jumped in, because it looks and feels like a completely new game, for the better.

Minecraft with RTX is the most impressed I’ve been with a game in a long time. I’ve had the privilege of testing a handful of games with RTX and DLSS capabilities over the past few months, but Minecraft RTX takes it to a whole new level, with the improvements being instantly noticeable.

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The game includes path traced reflections, lighting, shadows and materials which is different to other games that only apply ray tracing effects to certain objects. This means that Minecraft with RTX is brimming from wall to wall with stunning effects. You literally don’t have to step out of the opening parts of any level to start to see some serious improvements over what the game looks like without ray tracing.

The most impressive part of Minecraft with RTX is obviously the reflections. Everything from the way the sun reflects off the water, to the way that objects now can reflect off mirrored parts of levels all add an extra sense of depth that wasn’t possible in Minecraft before. The fact that the lighting is dynamic based on how you move around the objects, and which angle you’re coming from, is incredibly realistic.

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Similarly, there’s now ray-traced shadows (which you’ll see in the images below). This means that light can now peak through open roofs of building, or reflect off surfaces on the ground. Once again, it’s something that wasn’t possible before this update.

Textures are also a huge part of Minecraft, and they’ll all look really different as soon as you load up Minecraft with RTX. Textures no longer look static, instead using a number of texture properties such well as the fact that they reflect lighting to make them look more dynamic.

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Performance using DLSS 2.0 is much improved, and it’s fairly clear that Minecraft RTX wouldn’t be possible without it (and that’s why you need an RTX 2060 or higher). Without DLSS 2.0 activated, I was struggling to get 30 FPS in 1440p with my 2080 Super, but turning DLSS 2.0 meant that I could achieve a fairly solid 50-60 FPS. The great thing about the newly improved DLSS 2.0 (which is ever improving) is that despite the fact that it’s using deep AI learning to create graphics, you’re not losing any graphical quality.

In the beta, there’s six levels, all which look to show off different parts of what makes RTX special.

  • Aquatic Adventure RTX by Dr_Bond
  • Color, Light and Shadow RTX by PearlescentMoon
  • Crystal Palace RTX by GeminiTay
  • Imagination Island RTX by BlockWorks
  • Neon District RTX by Elysium Fire
  • Of Temples and Totems RTX by Razzleberries

All in all, Minecraft with RTX is something that everybody should experience if you’ve got the capable technology, and I’m going to leave you with a bunch of comparison shots that show exactly why. I had to constantly keep asking myself how this was possible as it looks that damn good.

Minecraft with RTX is available in beta today. You can find out more info HERE


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