Review: Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut

Strike Suit Zero (SSZ) puts you in control of a pilot for the UNE (United Nations of Earth)

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where you are tasked to fight in a raging war with the space colonies. The colonies have descended into war with the UNE over alien tech that the UNE has discovered and subsequently tried to claim as their own. Unfortunately this doesn’t sit very well with the colonies and of course the only solution is all out war. Unfortunately though you will not care at all, the only reason I had any idea of what was happening in the story is because I was reviewing the game and felt I needed to pay extra attention.

Nearly all of the plot is delivered to you while you are playing. During the beginning of SSZ you are given different story threads while you are trying to either figure out your first movements or trying to navigate through your first gun fight. Because of this the story feels like an afterthought which is disappointing because a space shooter like this deserves a solid story. Of course once you play through some of the missions a

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few times the story might become a little easier to follow but that shouldn’t really be a requirement to enjoy the narrative.

SSZ tries

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with all of its might to bring space to life. A few times during the game you will be presented with wonderful vistas of what any game set in space should be like. The backgrounds provide a remarkable and realistic Medicare and employer based both have their own special enrollment periods as well. backdrop and made me wish that the same attention to detail was paid to the area of play. More often than not the area you play in just feels

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like dead space. Although there could be enemy and friendly ships hovering around you, the area of play just fails to capture the same feel of mystery and wonder that the backgrounds so effortlessly convey. Likewise the ship you pilot and its variations lack any spark and just come across as generic and bland. The developer missed a precious opportunity in a genre that is not at all saturated to stand out. On the PS4, SSZ appears to run at 1080p which is quickly becoming the standard on the platform. Reports are that the Xbox One version is also running at 1080p. It is great to see but hardly a surprise given that this game would hardly challenge any of the current gen consoles.

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game, where you are the pilot of a UNE space ship with the unique ability to transform into a mech-like mode when certain conditions presented. In Space Fighter mode the

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game controls like most other 3rd person arcade-like 3D space shooters. You are given a number of different weapons which are operated in various different ways. Some are restricted by how much energy you have accrued where others will have completely different parameters. The number of weapons and their varying nuances are a definite highlight of the Space Fighter mode. In your Strike Suit mode you would expect your avatar to move as they look, like a mech. There is some difference of movement between this mode and your space fighter mode but not nearly as much as I expected.

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SSZ Screen1
You still very much feel like you are controlling a fighter ship rather than a mech which is surprising and a lost opportunity for the entire game. You do feel a lot more powerful in Strike Suit mode due to the weapons at your disposal so the game limits your time that you can be engaged in Strike Suit mode. Unfortunately the game gives very vague instructions on how to use your various different weapons which isn’t helped by on screen button indicators which look nothing like any of the buttons on your control pad.

The missions are varied and will have you do everything from dog fights with aggressive AI to protect friendly ships. As with other elements of Strike Suit Zero, the game never really takes any risks with its missions or the mission structure. This is ok and the game doesn’t really suffer for it but it would have been nice to see some innovation.

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