WitchHundred-Story You are The Hundred Knight, a mystical and extremely powerful demon. Summoned by the Swamp Witch Metalia, you are tasked by her to do her evil bidding as she endeavors to achieve her ultimate goal. She wants to engulf her world of Madea, with the “blessed” swamp that she loves so much; stomping on any adversary that gets in her path, especially her long-time rival Malia.

WitchHundred-PresentationDuring the actual hands-on segments of The Witch & The Hundred Knight, I couldn’t help to be drawn to a world full of adventure and awe. Worlds are full of unique and animated colours that breathe life into each tree, shrub, lake or house and are sure to please your eyes immensely. Enemies are exactly the same coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, yet sparing no detail to make them distinct from the vibrant world already established.

Throughout the adventure a soothingly mystical soundtrack accompanies you. As a highly strung orchestra delivers an upbeat experience and beautifully harmonic voices that goes hand in hand with the game. All the above points are based on the actual physical player’s gameplay, which I cannot fault. It is where the player loses control and becomes a viewer that the game goes south, very quickly.

The females in this game are unnecessarily portrayed in a sexist manner. They have extremely large breasts in comparison to their petite figures and their breasts are mere millimetres from bursting out of their flimsy top. After establishing a fairly strong innocent game in terms of presentation and gameplay, it just takes away from the immersion and experience so much to the point that it becomes ridiculous and that’s before I describe the foul mouthed swamp witch Metalia.

Being a bloke, a tradie and a footballer, it is stereotypically safe to say I have herd just about all the vulgar profanities that could be heard on this earth, but Metalia takes swearing, insults and profanity to an all new level. She is from what I could gather basically a teenager and to be swearing and cussing at the rate she does makes R-rated games like Grand Theft Auto look tame.

WitchHundred-GameplayAfter you progress through the longest and most painful tutorial I have ever endured, The Witch & The Hundred Knight opens up into your basic RPG. Playing through stage by stage and using Metalia’s house as base, you slowly begin taking over the land by destroying magical pillars, which when under Metalia’s control are the source of all things swampy.

At the beginning of each stage you are given Gigacals, these are basically a “leash” or a timer that slowly depletes as you exert energy exploring or fighting. Once completely diminished your health slowly starts to dwindle down, resulting in the players K.O and loss of progress for that area. I didn’t really find it necessary to basically have a time limit on the levels, as it made the experience feel rushed. Pulling me away from the excellent in game presentation; but the said mechanic did induce a sense of urgency that kept things reasonably exciting, if not frantic.

Controls and combat are brilliantly simple which equates to great fun when you are exploring or combating. An interesting concept in attacking is that you can find and wield 5 weapons creating your own unique combos. Spears are swung, hammers are pounded and swords are stabbed in whatever order you chose . Eventually the player comes across Facets which change the appearance of The Hundred Knight as well as buffs various stats and weapon skills.

Review: The Witch And The Hundred Knight
Witch Hundred Conclusion The Witch and The Hundred Knight is incredibly hard to recommend for a particular group of gamers. You have a game filled to the brim with enchanting colours, a magnificent soundtrack and fun gaming, a great formula for children or for someone looking for a light hearted adventure. Then it gets turned onto its head and stomped on with an overly sexist portrayal of woman with mouths that would suit sailors. It is one contrast to another, maybe I am a bit too old to be so understanding and acceptable of the vulgarities of the game but I certainly don’t think this is the case. Controversies aside, if you can overcome a few minor hiccups such as being timed throughout levels, long load periods or enduring a tediously long tutorial. The formula for a traditional RPG is almost as strong and proud as the visually enticing gameplay and the soothing soundtrack. Then this may be an enjoyable game for you. However, I cannot stop at insisting that you use your own discretion before diving into The Witch and The Hundred Knight if you choose to do so.
Amazingly Vibrant ColoursEnchanting SoundtrackSolid RPG Mechanics
Vulgar CharactersAwful Portrayal of WomanA Few Unnecessary Gameplay Decisions
5Overall Score
  • Mark

    “Vulgar Characters” and “Awful potrayal of women”
    This translates too
    “I’m a wimp and my feelings get easily hurt by insults” and “My homosexuality impedes me from enjoying large breats”

    • Kevin

      i agree with this logic