After various outlets claimed that their Left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller kept cutting out or running in one direction in The Legend Of Zelda, we decided to put it to the test.

It’s important to note that this is before a day one patch that Nintendo says will improve wireless connection.

  • Lachlan Ellis

    Are there any confirmed sources that the issue will be fixed?

  • S. D.

    I’m also curious to know whether this was officially confirmed. Don’t necessarily need a quote, but if they reached out to you directly I think it’s worth a mention.
    EDIT: Saw your tweet about it. Sorry please and thank you.

  • Julien B.

    Source ?

  • It’s not a left Joy Con issue, it can effect both Joy Cons equally if one is too far from the switch or covers the Joy Cons with their hands or puts them behind their back they will loose connectivity.

    Don’t be so far from the Switch and don’t cover them and it’s a non issue.

  • It’s also not exclusive to Joy Cons, take a PS4 or Xbox One controller far enough away and it will have the same issue.

    The only difference is, due to the size of the Joy Cons, and as a result the size of the battery, to reach 20 hours of battery life, they had to lower the power output of the wireless connection.

    Nintendo could solve the problem by doubling the power output, but that would reduce the battery life, creating a whole other problem.

    I’d rather just ensure its not to far away a d has line of sight with the Switch than have worse battery.