Aldi Is Selling Xbox One S Bundles For Cheap Again

Over the past few months, Aldi has been clearing out 500gb Xbox One S consoles for a handy $199. Whilst their new offer isn’t as cheap, it does work out to be better value considering what you’re getting for the price.

They’re currently charging $279 for a 1TB Xbox One S with Assassin’s Creed Origins as well as Rainbow Six: Siege. It says that it’s down from their regular $329 price tag for this same bundle, but I’m fairly sure that the RRP is even higher than this.

It appears to be in all Aldi stores Australia-wide, although you’ll probably only find one or two consoles in each store.

For comparisons sake, EB Games currently has 1TB console with one game for $399. A 1TB Xbox One S on Amazon is currently $379.