The 5 Best Games That We Played At E3

While there were many games on show that were quite remarkable, these particular games were the best that we played at E3.

FORZAKEVIN: Blame the Australian in me but Forza Horizon 3 just absolutely stole the show for me, with an absolutely breathtaking display of Australian agriculture that easily makes it the most gorgeous looking Forza game, a series that prides itself in spectacular presentation. Going hands on just confirmed my belief, with tight, responsive controls and a wealth of customization options. The mix of arcade style racing mixed with the traditional nature of the main Forza series’ trademark style makes Horizon one of the strongest racing series out there, and there’s no doubt that Horizon 3 will be an absolutely amazing experience when it releases. If anything, just cruising down the coast of the 12 Apostles or across Byron Bay will be an exhilarating and breathtaking experience in itself, with some of the most gorgeous vistas and scenery displayed in a racing game. With the Xbox Play Anywhere program, this is a definite must for either Xbox or PC.

FOR-HONORKEVIN: Coming out of the left field was Ubisoft’s surprise hack and slash epic. The strategic blocking and attacking system is incredibly intuitive but deep and challenging, turning a button masher into a true test of skill. The presentation is gorgeous, and anyone who is a fan of Viking, Samurai or European Knights will absolutely salivate at the locations and backdrops. This could possibly be the best Ubisoft game in years, keep a close eye on this one.

HORIZONSHANNON: Horizon: Zero Dawn was the game I was most excited about after it was announced at last year’s E3. After seeing it behind closed doors this year, my excitement was reaffirmed. It’s clear that Guerrilla Games are going absolutely all out with this title and they’re aiming to create an all-rounded experience that will take gaming to the next level. I’ll be detailing it more in my preview this coming week, but there is an incredible amount of detail in this game both visually and in a number of gameplay mechanics that blows anything that we’ve seen publicly, out of the water.

RECORESHANNON:This might be a surprise inclusion for some people but I pleasantly enjoyed playing through Recore. The reveal last year had me interested but we still didn’t know how the game would play. Don’t get me wrong, it still looked a little rough around the edges but it’s important to remember that this is a budget title. It’s doing a lot of cool stuff with it’s game design in the form of using colour to defeat enemies. I definitely don’t think it’s going to be the best game that comes out this year but it was a lot of fun to play, and I think that the story has potential.

ZeldaSHANNON: Zelda is most definitely the game of the show for me. Everything from the introduction video, to the fantastic booth experience leading to two brilliant demos were absolutely sublime. I really wasn’t sure Nintendo cared about E3 but The Legend of Zelda proved otherwise. It has the potential to be one of their best games of all time. It still felt like Zelda but it felt like a completely revolutionised franchise. It’s the kind of inspired game that I’ve been wanting for Nintendo.

KEVIN: Haters be damned, Breath of the Wind is easily the best Zelda in years, and the best in show. From a spectacular E3 booth display to some of the most refreshing gameplay in a Zelda instalment, this will no doubt be a huge success come release. Changing the Zelda formula so drastically was necessary to stop staleness, and while some staples remain enough to keep it nostalgically warm for older fans the entire template is different. Expect this Zelda to cause a revolution and to easily sweep GOTY awards come eventual release on WiiU and NX.

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