A Few Australian Games Featured In ID@Xbox’s E3 Reel

It was a big morning for Xbox as they revealed over sixty games for their console, but we also look forward to the ID@Xbox sizzle reel to see what the wonderful and talented developers of the world have been working on.

Representing our homegrown talent, three of the games shown at ID@Xbox are being developed in Melbourne, Australia.

Way to the Woods (Anthony Tan)

First off the block, there’s Way to the Woods, a darling looking game from independent developer Anthony Tan. After originally revealing the game in 2016, it appears to have come a long way in the last few years.

Sure to please animal lovers, the story-adventure game follows a parent-and-child deer as they, we assume, attempt to find their ‘way to the woods’. Roll credits.

Dead Static Drive (Fanclub/Mike Blackney)

The embedded footage below (courtesy of Gamespot) is a couple of months old now, but it does give a good idea of what Mike Blackney’s Dead Static Drive is all about.

The game, which has been affectionately dubbed Grand Theft Cthulu by the creator himself, is a top-down horror action game that drops you in right before the end of the world, where you must survive against eldritch horrors and prevent an apocalypse. It looks crazy, and it seems like a whole lot of fun.

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Totem Teller (Grinning Pickle)

Though we couldn’t find a lot about Totem Teller, which appears to be a rather enigmatic game with an absolutely arresting art style, it’s wonderful to see it features alongside other excellent homegrown talents.

The small team, Grinning Pickle, made up of Jerry Verhoeven and Ben Kerslake are obviously keeping their cards close to their chest about what the game is, but it apparently places a large focus on exploration and storytelling. “Seek tellers, gather listeners,” the official site floats as a core concept for the game. Hopefully, we find out more about Totem Teller soon, because it’s a stunning game to behold.

It goes without saying, the excellence in ID@Xbox’s reel wasn’t limited to the Australian talent, but it’s great to see our developers out there doing great things.