Roundtable Discussion: What To Expect From Sony's E3 Conference

The team got together to discuss what we thought would come out of Sony”s E3 conference. Be sure to tune in at 11:00am on Tuesday morning.

Now for Good guy Sony, thanks to all the negativity from the xbox event. These guys seem to be getting a lot of publicity, especially with the #PS4NODRM twitter campaign fans have been participating in. However Sony is part of E3 I”m worried about. Sony hasn”t said much about the issues people are hounding Microsoft about. Will they have the same issues with used games? What is there stance on the console being online? Sony has managed to dodge all of these bullets, but with the lights of E3 beaming down, they cant afford to hide anything.

That being said, Sony seems to have a great lineup for us. Infamous: Second Son, Killzone, drive club, a new Final Fantasy announcement, and over the years we have only heard that Persona 5 is being worked on. I really hope that this wasn”t ruined by the Atlus Nintendo deal to publish SMT IV. It would be nice to see something from the franchise. Either way, now is a great time to be a Sony Fan. It”s been quite some time since the PS4 announcement. They have a lot of rocky ground to cover, but I can”t wait to see what they have to show us.

I”m really excited for Sony”s E3 conference this year. I think they showed exactly the right amount at the initial PS4 reveal. We can be excited about the reveal of the console, it”s release date and its price. I think that Sony will have to aim to release everywhere this year. I think that they will reveal gameplay for inFAMOUS and Killzone as well as tease a few new games. If i had to name a few titles then i”m guessing that we”ll see Uncharted 4 and God Of War 4 at least teased in trailer form.

I also think that Vita will have quite a good showing as well. I think they will show it working alongside the PS4 and really entice people to buy both systems. I think that a new bundle will probably be released for Vita that includes a memory card and a top game. I think Sony will also announce a few new games. I”m feeling that Sony are going to start pushing more IPs onto the Vita that can then transfer across to the PS4. I also think that they”re going to show people how much life PS3 still has in it. I really like the way that Sony has supported it”s console right until the end.

After the mixed response to Xbox One’s reveal, I’m hoping for Sony to really leap on the open opportunity here. The PS4 has a HUGE head start already, and while my past two console purchases have solely been Xbox, I’m starting to lean towards the PS4 route. Let’s see if Sony can make the right moves here.

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Currently there are only two games that I’m really obsessing over; Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls. The former for potentially being the next sandbox game changer, something I don’t think has happened since GTA III, and the latter for focusing on an emotionally charged and thoughtful route, with a focus on character and meaningful dialogue that could very well be game of the year. Oh, and Ellen Page.

XBOXJAKEPerhaps I’m stating the obvious here but the gaming world is eagerly waiting for the official announcement by Sony for the retail pricing and release date of their eagerly anticipated PlayStation 4. Following the announcement I would love to see a recap and some more information on their already announced games such as Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son, followed by the announcement of new entries for the PS4. What have the other half of Naughty Dog been up to for example? Hitting the Uncharted theme music and Nathan Drake hitting the scene would leave the audience speechless.

With all the hype recently and the push for the PS Vita to have more remote play compatibility with the PS4 and considering it hasn’t really set its self as a solid handheld gaming device I would nearly say we are due for a new model, HDMI connection perhaps? And more in depth examples of the remote play in action and how they intend to account for the vitas lack of buttons in comparison to a PS4 controller. Expect to see more information on games such as Gran Turismo, an update on the ps4 social integration, more details on Sony’s companion devices and the upgraded PlayStation eye.

In February, Sony revealed the PS4 with some incredible specs built to withstand the next generation of gaming. To me it”s obvious Sony wants the PS4 to attract more and more gamers alike with the unleashing of this powerhouse. It”s going to be huge; X86 CPU and a fat 8GB DDR5 stick of ram (slightly better than Xbox One), Cloud Storage and motion control.

I believe an announcement will be made for a premium fee for certain parts of the online service (PSN). I think it”s necessary for there to be a fee, servers need to be maintained properly by mods and relevant updates regularly to stop issues like hackers stealing personal details, which has happened before to the PSN. Finally, this leads us to my two last predictions for Sony at E3. They will showcase a flashy game that utilizises all specs in the console to dazzle the viewer in addition, I also believe we will see the other side to the PS4 with it”s home entertainment qualities, as we didn”t see much about this in february. Hopefully the PS4 is a game changer for Sony.