All Of Your Far Cry 5 Questions Answered

Last week, we got to spend four hours with Far Cry 5. Whilst there’s still a few things we can’t talk about, we’ve done our best to answer some of your questions that you sent in.

Is the game map smaller or bigger than previous Far Cry games?
No specifics have been announced as to how big Hope County is, but from what I can tell it’s looking to be the biggest map in the series so far. And considering the previous Far Cry games’ maps have been rather large, you’d have to assume this one is going to be pretty bloody big!

Is the game world more realistic? If I shoot a tree/building or place an explosive on the side of the radio tower, will they come down?
As for real-world destruction that remains throughout the game, I can confirm that’s definitely not in place. The Far Cry series has always been about having fun and enjoying yourself, and I don’t think a step into that kind of realism is happening any time soon. That said, some things remain the same after you interact with them, like Eden’s Gate outpost camps after liberation.

In terms of destruction akin to what you get in the Battlefield games and whatnot, I didn’t notice anything during my time with the game. Some of that destruction might be in there, but I didn’t see it.

Is the gun degradation from Far Cry 2 back in Far Cry 5?
Gun degradation isn’t back from Far Cry 2. Similarly, you won’t be getting hit with Malaria any time soon in Far Cry 5!Is there split screen multiplayer/story like with Far Cry 3?
Online co-op is the only avenue for multiplayer with a buddy in Far Cry 5’s main game. You can play through the entire game in co-op, though there doesn’t seem to be any split-screen included this time around, which really bums me out. It’s the perfect playground for it!

Who is the guy holding the bible?
That would be the leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate, Joseph Seed. He’s the big-bad this time around, and he’s a pretty creepy fella. He’s been overcome with his own religious beliefs and believes he can rid the world of all the bad, and the crazy thing is that he thinks he’s right — morally. So like Pagan Min and Vaas of previous Far Cry fame, he’s the guy you’ll be gunning for throughout Far Cry 5’s main narrative.

When can we get our hands on the game?
Far Cry 5 will be out on March 27, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Uplay. Expect some PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements, tooIs it just Far Cry 4 in a different setting?
Absolutely not. Like any good sequel, Far Cry 5 seems to be all about innovating on what made the previous entries fun. You’ve got a new, darker story, a brand new setting to involve yourself in, and a bunch of new activities to keep yourself occupied with.

Of course, the same elements of what makes Far Cry so unique as a series remains, but is evolved and innovated upon. Gone are the radio towers of old, and in are new ways of engaging with characters, vehicles, and causing general chaos. Fans of the previous games won’t take too long to get to grips with this year’s entry, but that’s not a bad thing — it still seems to be ridiculously fun, as well as being injected with a few new bits and pieces that keep things interesting and engaging for newcomers and series vets alike.

How many mates can I play this with at one time?
In terms of playing in split-screen, you’ll only be playing by yourself! In terms of online play, though, you can bring in another player to breeze through the whole story if you’d like. So two players at a time, confined to online co-op in the main game.How many types of dogs are there in this game?
I can’t actually answer that one too well! I know Boomer, a fang for hire, is included for you to make use of. You’ll also be attacked by enemy dogs and wolves that have been bred by the Eden’s Gate followers, too. I’m not sure about the breeds involved, but there did seem to be a few I came across during my few hours with the game.

Is there an option for more than 2 players to work together and will the other players keep the progress made?

There’s no option for more than two players to play together, unfortunately. And much like the Far Cry 4 co-op mode one player will host a game and the other will join it as a guest, meaning the latter will not have their story progress saved. That said, guest players do get to keep all of their player progression, like XP, in-game currency, inventory items and the like, when you leave the co-op game and are thrown back into your own world.

Are there any microtransactions?
During my time with the game last week I did notice an option in the in-game storefront called ‘Silver Bars’. Some more research into this, courtesy of PC Gamer, says that yes: Far Cry 5 will have microtransactions. They will be limited to cosmetic and time-saving items, though. Pricing hasn’t been divulged just yet either, but yes — they are certainly in there.

Will the radio feature recognisable music on it by indies? Any clues as to artists/genre? How many stations?
The radio will definitely feature recognisable music, and so will some locations in the game. During my time with the game the licensed music was disabled, but I did catch a whiff of Get Free by The Vines which was pretty awesome! In terms of stations, I’m not too sure. I think there’ll be a few, though!

How greatly do the quests vary? Do they get repetitive?
Like previous Far Cry games, quests tend to vary a lot and very rarely feel repetitive. This trend seems to continue on in Far Cry 5, where I never felt like I was doing the same thing twice. Of course, you have to liberate Eden’s Gate outposts and technically that is a repetitive quest, but because of the changed location and random nature of those kinds of encounters I didn’t feel like I was doing the same thing all over again.

A few quests did involve saving civilians, and the one thing that did bother me was that if I went in guns-blazing the cultist followers would shoot the prisoners instantly, meaning stealth was my only option. If you’re someone who loves to fly in with an RPG and cause havoc, I can see this being a bit problematic. For the most part, though, I never felt like the quests I undertook were repetitive or frustrating. I don’t know how that’ll translate over the course of the main game, though, but the series has always been pretty good with straying away from repetition, at least in terms of the main story. 

How does the crafting work in the game?
Crafting is super simple in Far Cry 5, to the point where it’s just a few button presses away! When you’ve collected enough material to craft an item, you just need to open your inventory wheel, move the thumbstick over to the item you want to craft, and hold a button down for a few seconds and voila! Done. It’s nice and quick, and doesn’t pull you out of the action for that long.

Is it 60FPS on the Xbox One X?
There’s been no specifics announced in terms of Pro/1X support as of yet, though I don’t think 60fps support will be included on either system. This comes down to the fact that there would be an unbalanced gameplay experience for the multiplayer and co-op, with one player potentially having an advantage over another and so on. Like other games that have had this issue, I’m fairly certain Ubisoft will be targeting 30fps on all four consoles and will just increase texture detail, filtering, and various other graphical effects on the Pro and 1X versions of Far Cry 5.