Combined Arms Is Battlefield V’s New Co-Op Game Mode

Battlefield V will open its arms to online co-op in Combined Arms, a co-operative game mode that will have players battling across a variety of missions set to different guidelines and gameplay rules.

While details at the moment are scarce about what’s going to be included in Combined Arms, the mode will see players drop into a range of different missions with limited resources. This means team play is hugely important, and decision-making will be an important pillar between success and failure.

Further, this mode will have a ‘mission generator,’ which will throw you different objectives each time you play. This means each time you jump in could well be noticeably different from the mission prior, and will add some freshness to the experience.

As to how many missions Combined Arms will include, I’m unsure at the moment. And it could become stale if the mission generator gives similar objectives each time you play. That said, the finite resources means you’ll be highly dependent on your teammates, and that’s a cool way of pushing a co-op experience – with a risk and reward system at the crux of what’s on offer here.

DICE did mention that they see this as a mode that will be a good way for players to get used to the intensity of Battlefield in a way that’s a bit more dialled down when compared to what’s on offer in multiplayer. It’s a smart decision, and will feed into player and company progression too – meaning all of your effort with mates won’t just be for bragging rights.

Battlefield V launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19.