All The Announcements From The June 2024 Silent Hill Transmission

Are your hills silent? Mine are!

I’m not sure if Konami is going to make these a regular thing but given how long there is between them I am not sure we can even call them regular.

But regardless, today was another big day for Silent Hill fans, and with Silent Hill: Ascension behind us, things can only get better. Right? RIGHT?


Anyway, here are all the Silent Hill based announcements from the latest episode of the Silent Hill Transmission. My hills are well and truly silent.

We Got A New And Longer Gameplay Trailer Of The Silent Hill 2 Remake

The look was very extended, showing off a lot of new stuff we haven’t seen before like Maria, Laura and gameplay from both the streets and the hospital.

The trailer claims the game is faithfully remade in the original vision of the original game, but I’m not sure. It’s looking nice visually though, Unreal Engine is doing good work. It was revealed that the game is releasing on October 8th this year.

Mm. There’s a Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with assorted head masks for James, a digital artbook, a digital soundtrack and two days early access.

We Got An Extended Look Behind The Scenes Of The New Film

Christophe Gans, who directed the okay first film, has returned to basically adapt the story of Silent Hill 2. The behind-the-scenes look is pretty promising, perhaps even more than the remake at this point, but we’ve yet to get a full trailer nor a release date.

Konami Showed Off Some New Physical Merchandise

Pyramid Head is getting his own Nendoroid and a money bank themed around the Dog ending from Silent Hill 2 can soon be bought. And some items from the games are being made as physical collectibles too. What am I even doing here. It’s 7:30am. I need sleep.

And that was it. sorry.