Sony Releasing VR Headset For PS4?

EuroGamer has reported that sony plans to enter the virtual reality space with the Playstation 4.

It is reported that Sony are working on a virtual reality head set that will rival the Oculus Rift. It is said that the device will go alongside the PS4. Sources confirm that the headset has already been demoed with the cock pit view of DriveClub.

Sony was apparently meant to show the device at GamesCom but pulled it from the show at the last minute. It is now predicted that they will reveal it at TGS or hold off all together until next year.

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Sony are not strangers to the personal headset. They released the HMZ-T2 in 2012 which gave gamers a 720P oLED 3D experience.

The device is not expected to release any time soon but it’s definitely interesting to see how Sony is planning to push the PS4 in the future.