Prince of Persia Redemption

Footage Of The Cancelled Prince Of Persia: Redemption Has Leaked And It Looks A Lot Like Uncharted With Swords

This is a weird one. Footage of a cancelled game Prince of Persia game called Prince of Persia: Redemption has been sitting on YouTube for the better half of eight years.

The footage got dug up overnight and it was sitting at a measly 140 views, with it now being at over 100,000. It appears that the game was in development at Ubisoft Montreal between 2010-2012. Assistant Technical Director at Ubisoft commented on the video asking “where did you get this?”. Similarly, the LinkedIN page of Christophe Prelot reveals that he was a 3D Level Artist for a cancelled Prince of Persia game that had scripted events.

This portion of the game actually looks quite polished, with it containing a scripted event not to dissimilar to something that you’d see in an Uncharted game before ending in a boss fight.



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