Pocketpair Seems To Be Teasing A Palworld PlayStation Port

Gotta catch 'em all!

It looks like an announcement around a PlayStation version of this year’s early viral hit, Palworld, may be on the horizon after a community manager from developer Pocketpair posted a cryptic message on X.

The CM’s post features the game’s title surrounded by hearts in what could be considered Xbox colours (the black/white of the current consoles and, of course, green) before they write, “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit…hmm…how about….” and add in a pair of blue hearts.

A very loose tease, to be sure, but one that could hardly be taken other way at face value.

We already knew that Pocketpair was in talks to bring Palworld to more platforms, though at the time it was unclear whether that meant more consoles or simply additional PC storefronts/competing OS’ like Mac.

If a PlayStation announcement for Palworld is impending, it would be a shot in the arm for a title that’s still very popular but has definitely fallen out of the wider news and social media cycle since the virality of its launch on Xbox and PC. It could also indicate that the game is reaching a full release version soon-ish, given PlayStation doesn’t typically host early access games – though the recent launch of Slime Rancher 2 makes it seem as though that’s changed.

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Though it’s had numerous updates and content additions since launch, we praised the launch version of Palworld as a derivative but strangely-compelling stew of genres and inspirations, with Edward saying, “If you can wrangle a few mates together for some ‘mon-like’ fun, or if you’re just a grizzled old survivalist like I am, I’d absolutely recommend picking up the game on Steam or jumping in via Game Pass to see for yourself if the hype is real. Go on, use HM03 and ride the Palworld wave that’s sweeping the globe.”

You can find Palworld on Steam here or Game Pass here.