Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Almost Became Pokemon Hit and Run For Two Western Sydney Players

Digital monsters battling one another is the heart of Pokemon GO. But what happens when players take that rivalry just a bit too far?

Out with a friend yesterday in Western Sydney, we visited a nearby park to take some gyms and hatch a few eggs.

Seeing that one particular player was taking all the gyms in the area, we decided to stick around after taking one ourselves to see who it was. I placed down a Vaporeon, then we moved some distance away.

Now, this gym was in the middle of a car park, so it wasn’t too surprising when a car pulled up and stopped at the gym. My friend confirmed my gym was now under attack, so we waited.
14012391_10207431624569307_1876655856_oOf course, my gym fell. We stuck around, curious to see what Pokemon would be placed. But after some time, the gym was yet to be claimed, and so my friend went in with his Dragonite.

At that point, the Poketrainer who had just tried to claim our gym, reversed his car out, before doing a u-turn and heading in our direction with some speed. We quickly realised that he had no intention of stopping, before we quickly made a run for it.

Never have I run so fast in my life.

I shudder to think what will happen once trainer battles are introduced.

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