The Nintendo NX Will Reportedly Use Cartridges And Be Revealed Before TGS

It is being reported by the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo plans to use cartridges for the Nintendo NX. This is not a new report by any means, but due to the fact that we’re getting so close to the inevitable reveal, and the WSJ are a trusted source, we’d expect this to be the case.

Whilst cartridges have been looked down on in recent years, they’re now garnering renewed attention mainly due to the fact that developers can now pack more data onto the smaller chips.

Cartridges allow games to load faster and are much harder to copy. They can also be mass-produced faster than discs.

Analysts are also predicting that we’ll see an announcement of the Nintendo NX before TGS which starts on September 15th.

Emily Rodgers, who is a well-known Nintendo reporter recently leaked information about the Nintendo NX from developers that have their hands on prototypes. The main points are that it’s likely that the NX will be region-free, include a 720p tablet, have social share capabilities on the tablet.

Thanks WSJ & Emily Rodgers