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Australia Reportedly Won’t Get Any More NES Classic Mini Stock

Nintendo website, Vooks is reporting that Australia won’t get any more stock of the NES Classic Mini. Last week, both Target and JB Hi-FI got their largest allocation of stock for the consoles so far, but if this report is to be believed, we won’t see anymore in Australia.

Vooks, which is usually on the money has stated the below: 

“We’ve now spoken to multiple trustworthy sources and have been able to confirm that stores have been told there will be no more NES Mini stock to order and to stop taking orders / pre-orders for them if they were doing so. This might change in the future, but at the moment Nintendo won’t be shipping any more.”

This honestly don’t surprise me at all. I’ve been surprised that we’ve received as many stock drops as have in Australia and they had to run out at some point.

It’s unclear if Nintendo plan to continue this line with a SNES Classic Mini, but it was widely reported that the NES Classic Mini was just a way of using leftover Wii parts, so it could be unlikely.

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Shannon Grixti