There’s Another Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Case On The Way

At the Nintendo Direct last week, Nintendo revealed a $39.95 Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch case. It’s also being included in the Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey bundle around the world, but for some reason, Australia is missing out.

Well, there’s another one on the way. It’s $29.95 and it’s actually a variation of my favourite case for the Nintendo Switch. It’s the one I’ve been using since day one and it’s perfect for carrying your Switch, games, as well as few extra Joy-Con in the pocket.

It releases alongside the game on October 27th and you can preorder it from EB Games.

  1. i dont understand why australia doesnt include that case in the mario odyssey switch bundle another good example would be zelda breath of the wild the collectors edition we got here in australia didnt include that awesome case

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