Exciting Pokemon News Is 100% Coming Today And It’s Almost Definitely Pokemon Switch

After hours of speculations, the official Pokemon Twitter account has just confirmed that an exciting Pokemon press conference is about to begin in Tokyo, Japan.

It was previously rumoured when Eurogamer and other outlets confirmed that they were in Japan today. The press conference is expected to start at 10:00am Japan time (11:00am Melbourne) and conclude at 11:30am Japan time (12:30pm Melbourne).

It’s expected that the information will come out as soon as this press conference ends in Japan, but the Twitter account has said that people should turn on notifications, so it’s possible that the Pokemon Twitter account will be tweeting along as it happens.

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“Attention, Trainers! A Pokémon press conference is about to begin in Tokyo, Japan. You’ll want to turn your notifications on for this! Follow along today for exciting Pokémon news!”


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