A New Nintendo Switch Model Is Apparently Coming Next Year

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is planning to release a new version of the Nintendo Switch late next year. The aim of this new version will be to maintain momentum of sales.

It’s unclear at this point what features the new Nintendo Switch will have although it seems like Nintendo are looking to include a better quality display which will make the screen brighter and thinner whilst reducing battery consumption. Battery life has been a major complaint for Switch users, so definitely makes sense.

It’s said that the new Switch will retain most of the features in the current Switch which means that games and accessories will all work within both consoles.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say about the new Nintendo Switch:

“According to experts who are familiar with the circumstances, discussions continue on the hardware and software functions of the new switch and the cost to realize it. The current switch is equipped with a low-end LCD (liquid crystal display), which is said to be an option.”

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“If you install a high-quality display, the screen will become brighter and thinner, and battery consumption will be reduced. However, organic EL panels installed in Apple’s iPhone X series are not expected to be adopted.”

“According to officials, there is a possibility that the new type of switch will be introduced into the latter half of 2019, as early as the summer. Nintendo spokespeople declined to comment on this matter.”

It’s definitely interesting to see what Nintendo do next. They could go in the direction of lowering the unit cost by potentially making the Switch more of a handheld, but they could also make a more pro version, making sure that AAA third party games can make the way across to Switch more easily (especially as PlayStation and Xbox move into their next phases.

Thanks, Wall Street Journal.