The Nintendo Switch VR Labo Kit Will Have More Than 60 VR Experiences

Nintendo has today lifted the lid off their next Labo kit, which is the long awaited VR set.

In addition to a seven minute trailer, which shows off all six Toy-Con experiences, they also revealed that the VR Plaza will have over 60 micro experiences, that don’t look too dissimilar to something you’ve find in a Warioware game.

The major experiences include being able to shoot with a blaster, look underwater with a camera and using an elephant truck in order to grab things around the world. It goes without saying that this is definitely the most ambitious VR kit.

We’ll see how it performs when it launches on April 12th. It’ll be available in four different variations. You’ll be able to buy the entire kit in one go, just the starter kit with the blaster, and then you can also purchase two expansion kits if you opt to go with the second option. You’re looking at $119.95 for the entire VR kit, $59.95 for the goggles/blaster and $29.95 for each expansion.

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