Spyro The Dragon 3 Remastered Is Looking Good

The first screenshots of Spyro The Dragon 3 (Year of the Dragon) from the Reginited Trilogy have today appeared online.

The screenshots are from Sunny Villa and Cloud Spires, which were both levels in Spryo The Dragon 3: Year of the Dragon. You’ll also notice Spyro’s iconic skateboard, which played a massive part in the third game.

As with all of the other screenshots that have been released to date, the game looks remarkably better than the original game, with Activision completely reimagining the visuals.

With these screenshots releasing, fans are hopeful that Activision will release gameplay for Spyro 3 soon. It’s the hardest game to pull off due to the skateboard mechanics as well as other segments from the game, that are much more complex to pull off than the first two.

Spyro The Dragon: Reginited Trilogy is out on PS4/Xbox One for September 21st.